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STM DIMI Uniroma3

STM DIMI Uniroma3



Welcome to the Materials Science and Technology (STM) web site at "Roma TRE" University! STM research group is in the Engineering Department. Enjoy this site!

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Understanding of engineering materials behaviour through:

  • Study of surface properties of systems for advanced mechanical engineering and micro-devices applications, through numerical and analytical modelling, advanced characterization methods, technological, mechanical, tribological and chemical tests.

  • Development of advanced multi-scale methodology related with morphological, micro-structural and micro-analytical characterization of materials through optical, ionic, electronic and contact probes.

  • Development of techniques for application of the nano-microstructure-process-propriety-performance correlations to the control and the optimization of materials processing especially for the development of anti-wear and corrosion resistant coatings.

  • Development of integrated methodologies for nano and micro structural characterization of materials and analysis of the nanostructure-microstructure-process-propriety-performance correlations, aimed to the prediction of the materials behaviour in real-use conditions, of reliability and of degradation (failure analysis).

  Scorecard (live update)

  - Staff: 3 permament, 11 temporary.
  - Laboratory equipment (morphological, compositional, structural, mechanical characterization, wear corrosion test, ...).
Publications: 0 in the last three year; 393 since 1990.
Students' research works: 11  last Academic Year, 183  total.
Seminars, Conferences,  Schools, Courses and Workshops organized: 9  last 12 months, 70  total.
Seminars, Conferences,  Schools, Courses and Workshops attended: 42  last 12 months, 225  total.