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STM DIMI Uniroma3

STM DIMI Uniroma3


Our Mission

Welcome to the Materials Science and Technology (STM) web site at "Roma TRE" University! STM research group is in the Engineering Department. Enjoy this site!



Research Areas

  • Study of surface properties of systems for advanced mechanical engineering and micro-devices applications, through numerical and analytical modeling, advanced characterization methods, technological, mechanical, tribological and chemical tests.
  • Development of advanced multi-scale methodology related with morphological, micro-structural and micro-analytical characterization of materials through optical, ionic, electronic and contact probes.


  • Development of techniques for application of the nano-microstructure-process-propriety-performance correlations to the control and the optimization of materials processing especially for the development of anti-wear and corrosion resistant coatings.

  • Development of integrated methodologies for nano and micro structural characterization of materials and analysis of the nanostructure-microstructure-process-propriety-performance correlations, aimed to the prediction of the materials behavior in real-use conditions, of reliability and of degradation (failure analysis).

The group carries out its research activities mainly in the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Electronic Microscopy (LIME), constituted by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department (DIMI) and Departments of Biology, Applied Electronic, Physics, Geology that was qualified from the National Inter University Consortium as referring centre: “Laboratory of Superficial Treatment Engineering” and can be identified as a main centre of excellence, both nationally and internationally, thanks also to the availability of XPS and SIMS facilities provided by existing agreements with other laboratories of the same university; The laboratory, built up thanks to the funding from the university and industrial research projects,  extends on a total surface of about 330 m² and it is coordinated by the STM group.

The Interdipartimental laboratory of Electron Microscopy (LIME ) is the core facility of University of Roma TRE aimed at:

• integrating the multidisciplinary expertise in the fields  of nanotechnology and nanoscience currently present at the University, in order to create synergies between groups operating in different areas of science and engineering;
• providing an infrastructure for cutting-edge basic and applied research, aimed at the design, functionalisation and characterization of surfaces, nanostructures and micro / nano-devices for several innovative application fields;
• providing equipment and services for high quality research in the fiels of micro / nano-fabrication, micro / nano-structuring, advanced characterization (structural, microstructural, nanomechanical and functional) of physic-chemical properties of materials, micro / nanostructured device engineering, design of nanostructured complex systems, nano-medicine and genomics;
• Establishing a local reference centre for high/tech companies, which meets the needs of research and technological development, as they are identified in the plans for development of research at regional, national and international levels
Other STM laboratories are:


(50 m²) hosts the devices for the technological tests.


(30mq) hosts the devices for the physical vapor deposition of tiny nanostructured films (PVD) and a prototype device for the tribological tests (TUC) 


(50 m²) hosts the calculation’s station (continuously updated) and the servers.


List of main facilities